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The eZ Publish Show #8 - Front-end optimization

Sunday 22 July 2012 12:42:19 pm

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We're back, with a round-up of all things eZ, and an open discussion on front-end optimization in eZP.

Join us this Tues 24 July, 10.30am CEST in a LIVE Google Hangout, to share your tips & tricks for optimizing your front-end code in eZ Publish.

The Show

I'm a perfectionist, and possibly spend a bit too much time on getting front-end optimization right.  I'll be sharing some of my latest work, and would be interested in hearing about yours!

News & Links

  1. eZ SummerCamp now with Symfony 2 workshop, led by prominent Symfony community member  Lukas Kahwe Smith- focus on HMVC front controller & Twig templating- 5-8th September on beautiful island in Croatia - http://ezsummercamp.com
  2. Latest Community build of eZ Publish, 2012.6, is now available - http://share.ez.no/downloads/downloads/ez-publish-community-project-2012.6
  3. Develop page re-vamped on Share.ez.no, so you can see everything in the one place - http://share.ez.no/get-involved/develop


  1. MugoWeb in Canada, made available a command-line tool called *eep*, for inspecting your eZ Publish installation - http://www.mugo.ca/Blog/Command-line-tool-for-eZ-Publish-called-eep
  2. Option Matrix Datatype extension from Steven Bailey, released on http://projects.ez.no/optionmatrix - basically combines option datatype with the matrix datatypes so that the option fields can have multiple columns. This can be used to create attributes on the backend that are form elements on the front-end.
  3. Gaetano Giunta release version 0.7 of his eZ Performance Logger, which allows you to profile & trace your code’s performance, and with this update includes pretty pictures of this, thanks to Munin integration. http://projects.ez.no/ezperformancelogger
  4. leZColorbox by Guillaume Kulakowski - which is an implementation of ColorBox, which is another jquery modal plugin, like eZ LightBox or Fancybox - http://projects.ez.no/lezcolorbox


  1. Ivo from NetGen wrote about the eZ Product Innovation Board, which is made up of about 20 people, a mixture of partners, clients, employees, people, and have instigated several initiatives, like the UX focus, and ECommerce - http://www.netgen.hr/Blog/About-the-eZ-Product-Innovation-Board
  2. Quick guide to hacking eZ RSS import to support media from Hamdi LAADHARI - http://www.laadhari.fr/2012/07/20/ajouter-le-support-des-fichiers-ou-image-dans-limport-rss-natif-dez-publish/
  3. Customizing the ezwebsite-toolbar - http://blog.agenceyuzu.fr/eZ-Publish/Personnaliser-la-websitetoolbar-d-eZ-Publish
  4. Gaetano Giunta on how to scale eZ Find - http://share.ez.no/blogs/gaetano-giunta/load-balancing-ez-find-for-fun-and-profit-part-ii


You can watch the show, live, from our Google+ page, or if you're head-down tail-up or dry-cleaning your Llama at that time, don't worry - it will be available on YouTube afterwards for your viewing pleasure, and from this blog post.

Hope you can join us - it should be fun!


eZ Publish Cheerleader

PS: 10.30am CEST is 9.30am BST (UK) is 8.30pm NZST is 1.30am PDT

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