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The eZ Publish Show - a LIVE Developer Hangout

Wednesday 23 May 2012 1:15:21 pm

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While developing with eZ Publish over the last 5 years, I've seen many developers' names mentioned, but have never met them (and living in Middle Earth doesn't help!). Well, now, thanks to Google Hangouts, I can, you can, we all can.

Google Hangouts are a great way to way to connect with people around the world - you can share ideas, discuss problems and watch videos of kittens together.

And that's why I'm starting The eZ Publish Show - a LIVE chat show, covering all things eZ Publish, from UI to Namespaces and beyond!

Show #1

Next Monday (28 May) at 10.30am CEST (9.30am UK), I'll be kicking off the show with 3 special guests:

We'll be talking about their passions, motivations, extensions and more.


Show #2 

(Tuesday 5 June, 10.30am CEST) will be a UX spectacular, with:

You can watch the show, live, from our Google+ page; and if you'd like to join the Hangout, follow The eZ Publish Show on G+, and let me know.  There's space for 10 people, and you can always ask questions in the Hangout comments if we're full up.

And if you're asleep or in the shower at that time, don't worry - it will be available on YouTube afterwards for your viewing pleasure.

Hope you can join us - it should be fun!



eZ Publish Cheerleader

PS: 10.30am CEST is 9.30am BST (UK) is 8.30pm NZST is 1.30am PDT

PPS: The show will normally run on Tuesdays - Show #1 is an exception.

PPPS: Here's a preview of Nguyen Dinh's QH Motion Logon to whet your appetite:

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