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Announcing next episode of The eZ Publish Show: Road to 5.1

Monday 13 May 2013 4:44:21 pm

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Dear eZ Community,

We are continuing the series restarted few weeks back this Wednesday at 9:30 CEST with the episode #13. The topic is: Road to 5.1

Road to 5.1

As the launch of eZ Publish version 5.1 is approaching we will discuss what is the new version bringing, especially in what shape is the new stack. We have 2 guest from the eZ Engineering team: André Rømcke and Bertrand Dunogier

Save the date and stay tuned on the Google+ page. The timing is chosen so most of the people around the globe can watch it live.

If you have any question please use this thread to submit it.


  • André Rømcke
  • Bertrand Dunogier
  • Ivo Lukač
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