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eZ Publish Summer Camp 2012 - a recap (+ some thoughts about the future)

Friday 12 October 2012 2:07:27 pm

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Dear eZ Community,

I waited to write this post until we complete all services which were part of the participation fee. And this was done last week by eZ Systems, they sent the invite certification to all participants again (as we had some problems at the camp with the certification session). Big thanks to eZ for the effort.


Anyway, the first eZ Publish Summer Camp was held in Bol, Croatia beginning of September organized by Netgen (wow, already a month passed). 80 people from all over Europe joined . In 3 days 13 workshops were held in 3 tracks: for beginners (BASIC track), for developers using existing CMS features  (CMS track) and for developers oriented in extending (PHP track). Special emphasis was on the new eZ Publish CMS version 5 features coming out in November this year. Check all slides.
We hope participants (called eZ Sailors at the camp) all learned a lot & had fun a lot, that combination of experiences was our main goal!

Actually we got some nice stats from the data gathered via survey on the last day. We provided options from 1 to 5 for number of questions. The most interesting topics were Public API, Symfony2 and the Developer Kick-off  with average rate of 4.4 across all workshops. So our selection of topics was almost excellent. Best rated workshops in quality were Integration with Varnish, Symfony2, Advanced Caching and Performance analysis  with average rate of 4.1 across all workshops. A strong indication that we need to focus more on workshop preparations next year.

The venue and location were rated with 4.5 and, what was really nice to hear coming back next year was rated with 4.6 :)

Most comments were complaining about the internet connectivity but this could be biased with problems on certification which were not all caused by the internet connection. It would be hard to provide much better internet connection, but we will think about this anyway. Also, a number of comments were suggesting better workshop preparation (including VM tuning) which is apparent from the stats too. We will take this into consideration for sure.

Full gallery can be found here: and on our Facebook page.

Main sponsor was eZ Systems, other sponsors were: OpenContent from Italy, ETECTURE and CJW Network from Germany,  Novactive and Kaliop from France. Thanks for all the support guys :)


Well, currently the main question is not will we do it, but when exactly will it happen :) The timing is important and we would like to hear your feedback too. Please comment on this post to give your view on the topic. 

And come to the Flash talk about the topic next week in Cologne where will we talk about the future of the camp:

See you there!

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