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eZ Publish Summer Camp 2013 - a recap with stats, slides and galleries

Friday 11 October 2013 2:47:43 pm

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Dear eZ Community,

For start first I wish to thank all attendees, speakers and sponsors for participating in the second eZ Publish Summer Camp . We hope you all learned a lot & had fun a lot. That combination of experiences was our main target and we think we succeeded in doing so again. We also got a lot of feedback this year which is always a good sign: people care and would like to make the event even better. 


Main information about the event can be found here, but what I would like to emphasise once more on why we (Netgen) are doing such an event. Although our first intent is to promote ourselves it is not the dominating one. We think that the effort we put into this community activity is added value for us and also added value to the eZ and Symfony community.

We think that our efforts are very needed at these moment of transition as I blogged about it here. Any opportunity for learning to adopt new eZ Publish 5 stack and Symfony framework is valuable to all eZ developers, that is why we focus on technical workshops.

I hope we will have resources to do so in future as well.

Event survey stats  

Like last year we had a survey about workshops and the event in general. On all questions a range from 1 to 5 rate was offered, with 5 as the highest rate.

Regarding the overall interest in topics  we scored the same as last year: 4.4  with none of the topic lower than 4.0. Definitely a sign that we did very good job in selecting workshop topics. Best rated in quality were:

  • Symfony2 forms
  • eZ5 content caching
  • Building a simple blog with eZ5
  • Backwards compatibility in eZ
  • Testable Symfony2

Congrats to Bernhard on his workshops on Symfony2 forms, he got a fascinating 4.83 score. The average rate of all workshops was 4.2  which is an improvement compared to last years 4.1 score. We also asked some new questions this year. Camp preparations were rated 4.6 and virtual appliance 4.5.  Seems that we improved there based on feedback last year. On a question should we consider less tracks but more days we got 2.85, obviously not a strong indication for change.

The venue and location were rated with 4.55 and 4.6  which is a very slight improvement compared to last year. This year we also asked some detailed questions. We tried to found out how was the trip to get to the venue: score was 3.8, not so bad considering we were on an island. On the direct question should we consider changing the location we got 2.1 . So we got strong indication that small hustle with the trip is worthwhile the effort. The date (beginning of September) was also rated very well: 4.5.

Our organisation in general was rated 4.6 and intention of coming next year 4.6 . Looks like we did a good job and we can draw a conclusion that we don't need to change much :) But as the devil is in the details we could still improve.

From unstructured feedback we got various information which can be summarised in two issues. First is of course the internet connectivity. Although the problem was a bit less mentioned than last year we still informed the hotel about these problems. If they don't improve in that respect we would need to think on what we can do by ourselves to make the wifi better. The second issue is that workshops varied a lot on type and pace. Some were less hands-on, some were to quick, etc. As much as this depends on the speakers what we could do is better communicate about the workshops before the camp. We will remember this for next time.

Slides and code examples

To extend the learn experience as much as possible we provided slides and code examples for almost all workshops. You can find the resources of each workshop on the workshop page. 

Event pictures

To extend the fun experience as much as possible we shared the event pictures via full gallery on the event web site: . If you are on Facebook check some of the pics there , if you are on Google+ check here  and here .


Without sponsors it would be impossible to organise the event, so one more time we thank eZ Systems, ProSiebenSat.1 Digital, Etecture, CJW Network, Locastic, Keyteq and Jetbrains.


The future is uncertain, that is all that we can say at this moment :) We still need to decide should we do it all over again. Your input is also very valuable.

So please comment on this post to give your feedback, critique, support or whatever.


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