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eZ Publish Summer Camp: Opportunity to Learn eZPublish5 and Symfony2

Wednesday 26 June 2013 2:24:19 pm

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Dear eZ and Symfony Community,

There are not so many opportunities to learn hands-on from true gurus. Especially not to learn two cutting edge technologies like eZ5 and Symfony2. 

eZ Publish Summer Camp is such opportunity. 

eZ Publish 5

This year we focused on the new stack as the transition from eZ 4 to eZ 5 will not be easy because:

  • version 5 is a complete overwrite
  • it is not just an overwrite, it uses a completely new PHP framework (Symfony) and the the architecture is mostly new
  • there are no big incentives to switch at first. Only with 5.1 there are more benefits of using finished parts of the new stack: like performance benefits with persistence cache, etc.
  • there is not so many opportunities to learn the new stack. There are some online resources and you could schedule a training with eZ Systems, but those are not enough IMO

Our main goal with the Camp is to support the eZ community with the opportunity to attend great workshops and meet people which already have the experience with eZ 5 or are behind the development of the new stack. 

eZ track skippers:
JÉRÔME VIEILLEDENT (eZ Systems), PAUL BORGERMANS (K-Minds), DAMIEN POBEL (eZ Systems), RAYMOND JULIN (Keyteq), DAVID HOHL (silver.solutions), EKKEHARD DÖRRE (Coolscreen/CJW Network), EDI MODRIĆ (Netgen)


New big thing this year at the Camp is the Symfony full track. As the new eZ 5 stack is based on Symfony framework, current Symfony developers could learn the new eZ 5 much easier than the current eZ developers. The pool of potential developers is much bigger now. So our incentive with the Symfony track is to mix two communities. Introduce eZ Publish as a powerful CMS to the Symfony community, give the eZ Community chance to learn Symfony as a new base for eZ.

Symfony track skippers:


You can also mix the tracks :)

For example if you know:

  • eZ but don't know much about eZ version 5 nor Symfony: go to Symfony track first day, then switch to basic track
  • eZ and Symfony basics but don't know much about eZ version 5: go to eZ track first day, then switch to basic track
  • Symfony and don't need to learn basics: check the eZ concepts workshop then switch to Symfony track
  • something about eZ version 5 and don't want to learn eZ version 4 anymore: go to Symfony track first day, then switch to eZ track


Join us once more! (the regular ticket price period is ending this Sunday June 30th)

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