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How to grow your business through more community engagement

Tuesday 14 February 2012 11:22:41 am

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For those who didn't attend the Partner Conference in Lisbon here is some more insight in the presentation I gave, also with few afterthoughts. 

Why to do it

So the main driver behind this presentation was the fact that the company had big growth last year partially due to more community engagement. So by engaging more through the community we did grow our business but also helped the community to grow. And that is the main idea of the presentation because eZ as a community driven business needs more engagement to grow:

  • to create more buzz
  • to attract new developers
  • to increase knowledge and experience transfer
  • to flatten the steep learning curve
  • to accelerate innovation

What is also important that by engaging you can create value for the future. Besides the benefit for the community as a whole there are 2 important benefits for your self:

  1. you can be your best PR, marketing, sales, CRM - build reputation and credibility in the community and online in general
  2. you can use the same engagement to increase knowledge share in your team (no more intranet!)

Combination of both reasons should be enough to engage more.

How to do it

  • use the available tools to save your time (community, social media)
  • use RSS, twitter search to be up to date
  • give answer to questions where you can do it quickly
  • encircle useful knowhow while working, put it in the “sharing queue”
  • reduce it to one time a day (to not get overwhelmed)
  • reward employees who do it, pair them if needed ( depending on preferences)
  • use the language of your market (e.g. we use English)
  • be regular and consistent (be prepared for the long run)

And now something completely different

At the same time we announced an idea to organize a Summer Camp in Croatia somewhere on the coast. We are now in the planning stage and more information will soon follow. 

Netgen eZ Publish Summer Camp



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