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Next episode of The eZ Publish Show: Chunky Content

Wednesday 21 January 2015 5:46:36 pm

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Dear eZ Community,

Next episode of The eZ Publish Show will be aired on Tuesday, January 27th at 16:30 CET (10:30 ET). Our topic will be a non-technical one, more into domain of content strategy, but still very relevant to eZ Publish CMS.

In December I was flying to New York and one of the reasons was the Re:Vision event with Karen McGrane, a very well known content strategist and author. So with no Internet connection I finally had the time to read one of her books: Content Strategy for Mobile. Its not a thick book but still with lot of experience and best practices from the content perspective.

What was staggering to me is how all these advices and practices go inline with eZ Publish concepts. Meta content model and separation of content and presentation are root eZ concepts almost for 15 years now, but are regaining its importance with multichannel environment, COPE, digital first and other content related stuff. 

So I took the opportunity to ask Karen to be my guest on the show to learn why we should always aim to make the content in chunks. Although eZ is already ready for content chunks, it can always improve :) My colleague Igor will also joins as he loves to discuss these things, check his latest blog post on tidying up free-form content with structured body field.

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