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Next episode of The eZ Publish Show: Introducing Composer

Sunday 30 November 2014 1:05:36 pm

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Dear eZ Community,

Next episode of The eZ Publish Show will be aired on Thursday, December 4th at 15:00 CET. Our topic will be Composer, the PHP dependancy manager used by eZ Publish 5.

In recent years Composer, the PHP dependency manager, gained a lot usage. Many products and projects started to use it to solve dependencies to other repos in a simple and clean way. For example Symfony, with its  component based architecture really needs such a manager to handle many components that could be "composed" into a final project. eZ Publish 5, as a Symfony full stack app is using it too. Even the legacy extension can be deployed with Composer now. This was introduced with 5.3 version.

Our guest is Jordi Boggiano,  Composer lead and Symfony2 core developer. We might also have one of the eZ code developers joining us, we shall see if one of them will be free.

Save the date and stay tuned on the Google+ page

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