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Program for the eZ Publish Summer Camp 2013 announced (UPDATE: registrations open)

Monday 03 June 2013 10:32:11 am

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The program for this year's eZ Publish Summer Camp is announced on . Almost all workshops slots are set, we have two slots in eZ track still open for the community to take part. Please contact us if you would like to become an eZ Skipper :)

All 3 tracks will be open for switching, but but keep in mind that we might have limited capacity in each room. 

Registration open from June 6th! Early bird available till 16th.

Basic track

If you are just beginning to learn eZ Publish or have very limited experience which you want to broaden, the Basic track is for you. We will first explain general eZ concepts and administration and afterwards take you to the new world of eZ Publish version 5.

eZ track

If you are an experienced eZ Publish developer and you have some basic knowledge about eZ Publish version 5, the eZ track is for you. From very advanced stuff with eZ version 4 stack to deeper insights with the new eZ Publish 5 stack directly from eZ Engineering and experienced eZ community gurus. 

(NEW) Symfony track

If you are a PHP developer and want to learn the the best PHP framework at the moment, the Symfony track is for you. Starting with Symfony basics, slowly increasing the level and ending up with the cutting edge development practices.

Alternative routes

What should be interesting for lot of people are these alternative routes:

  • you know eZ but don't know much about eZ version 5 nor Symfony: go to Symfony track first day, then switch to basic track
  • you know eZ and Symfony basics but don't know much about eZ version 5: go to eZ track first day, then switch to basic track
  • you know Symfony and don't need to learn basics: check the eZ concepts workshop then switch to Symfony track
  • you know something about eZ version 5 and don't want to learn eZ version 4 anymore: go to Symfony track first day, then switch to eZ track

Check the full program

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