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Return of The eZ Publish Show: From a forum discussion to interviewing new CEO

Friday 19 April 2013 5:14:27 pm

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Dear eZ Community,

Earlier this week I posted a blog entry trying to trigger discussion about community engagement. Some people did respond with good arguments and suggestions.  At one point I suggested to make a Hangout about the topic and Peter Keung from Mugo suggested that Geoff Bentley should host it with Aleksander Farstad as special guest.

So, Peter, it is arranged :) Although, you will need to stay up late, sorry

How it happened?

I contacted Aleksander, and although he is very busy man considering that he was announced as  new CEO a week ago, we managed to find a spot for the hangout on Friday 26th 10:40am CEST. It will be difficult for US members to participate (that's why I wrote sorry to Peter) but should be doable.

Few months ago I was considering to do some Hangouts but never found the time. But this was the opportunity to execute so I contacted Geoff to talk about his "eZ Publish Show" series. The chat was actually very quick and the result was me being the new host of the series for the time being. 

So The eZ Publish Show series is returning with the episode #12. Lets hope it will stick for a while :)

Rough agenda for The eZ Publish Show #12

  • Air time with Geoff and Ivo talking about return of The Show
  • Aleksander Farstad, new CEO, introduction with the focus on community engagement 
  • Open discussion about community engagement

Save the date and stay tuned on the Google+ page.


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