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We released Netgen Admin UI to the public

Monday 03 July 2017 3:21:43 pm

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After a lot of thought and discussions, we finally decided to make our Admin UI code available to the public. It should serve as a smoother migration path to the new eZ Platform era for many existing eZ Publish projects.

To learn the whole story about the Admin UI and why we implemented itplease check the blog post I wrote earlier this year. I recommend reading that one first in order to better understand the context.

In short, Netgen Admin UI is a natural continuation of the old eZ administration, with the difference that it’s running its crucial parts on Symfony. This enables you to run old eZ legacy modules and new Symfony-based controllers side by side in the same back office. What you could only do on the front side of your eZ site before, you can do on the back office side with Admin UI now as well.

Why is this significant? In many existing eZ Publish projects there is still a lot of legacy code, back office included. It might be too big of a task to migrate everything to the new stack, so those projects would get stuck on the eZ Publish 5.4 version with the complete back office still running legacy. Waiting for all existing core features and community extension to get migrated to the new stack might take time as well. It is inevitable that after some time the client will start considering alternative CMSes. 

Read on the full blog post

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