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Web Summer Camp 2016 full program and schedule

Tuesday 28 June 2016 2:20:39 pm

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After a lot of work on rebranding the Summer Camp, we focused on assembling valuable workshops and other activities. Earlier this month the program was completed with the whole schedule available online. We also added info about the extras and, what is very interesting, we received enough requests for the Companion track, so we can confirm it will happen.

Summer Camp essence

It was end of 2011 when my colleague Vjeran and I were driving to our Osijek office. Being away from the internet and the usual workload we had time to brainstorm. One of the ideas was to organize a summer camp with eZ Publish CMS topics since that kind of thing was missing in the community. Given that we are a web technology agency with no extra capacity for marketing and event management, we surprised ourselves and actually did it. The combination of useful workshops and a beautiful summer location in Croatia was the key. Nowadays there are a bunch of conferences, which is good but it also stresses the importance of being unique in some way.  

Over the years, we improved, added, and changed many things but the short motto still holds: learn and fun. Decomposing this term explains what this event is all about and why we think it is unique.

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