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What to Expect from the eZ Publish Summer Camp 2015

Friday 17 April 2015 9:05:43 am

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A few weeks ago, we at Netgen announced the location and the dates of the 4th eZ Publish Summer Camp. It will be held at the same place (Rovinj, Croatia) and one week earlier than last year (August 26-29).

Netgen is a company with 10 years of eZ experience and the constant urge to improve itself and the community. This is why we put so much effort into creating a Camp with a  great mix of learning and fun. Since the new eZ Platform is on its way, a lot of learning is due for the whole community.

The first noticeable change is that the event will be moving one week earlier. There are a few reasons behind this. First, it should give more traveling options, as there are more flights going to Pula Airport in August than in September --but we still recommend you book early! Second, it offers you the opportunity to combine the Camp with your vacation; and third, we are aiming for better weather this year.

Quality Workshops in Focus

Four years ago we didn't have any long-term plans for the Camp. We simply wanted to organize an event where anyone from the eZ community could learn new practical stuff about the product: eZ Publish. Since, we’ve broadened the topics by adding Symfony and PHP, which is beneficial to the eZ community and doesn’t change the focus.

Our main goal is to offer workshops, preferably hands-on, with lots of opportunities to learn and teach. Workshops will dive deep into technical issues, so the shortest slot is 90 minutes. Hands-on workshops are usually 3 hours or more. There are plenty of conferences that offer the usual presentation formats (30-45 minutes) and concentrate more on quantity and broadening an  attendee’s insight. At the Summer Camp, we focus on practical skills and exploring in-depth eZ Publish and Symfony topics.

The event will most likely overlap with the eZ Platform beta launch. Hence, there will be plenty of new features to learn from the eZ engineering team and the other community members who have experience with the new stack. There will also be a lot of interesting Symfony-focused workshops on PHP tracks that will be useful to eZ developers. In short, expect workshops of even higher quality than last year.

Even Better Preparation

To use the time efficiently, from the first edition onward we’ve been preparing a virtual appliance before the Camp, so that participants are able to start with the hands-on workshops without the hassle. This proved to be a worthwhile effort, even though it was not ideal.

We are taking an important step this year. We will introduce a Vagrant-based environment for starting virtual appliances. This should simplify workshop preparations for speakers and reduce any difficulties for participants. We won’t be dealing with gigabytes of data anymore. Building the virtual appliance will be done on a local machine that will have all the services and tools needed for the workshops.

Preserving the Value

Last year, we started recording the workshops. Our main goal was to use the videos later for internal purposes, and only share them with the community if we achieved adequate quality. You can find most of the recordings on the Netgen YouTube channel.

We realize these videos would be even more useful if the viewer can play with code while watching them. That’s why this year you can expect the video recordings of the most of the workshops along with the workshop’s environment in Vagrant, which will be made accessible on GitHub. This will be handy for all of you that won't have the opportunity to come to the Summer Camp. Just don't expect those recordings to be released right after the Camp - it takes time to produce them, so they will be published in intervals from October on.

Lastly, expect even more networking opportunities. Some community-driven events introduced last year will be organized this year as well, but with some improvements. Can't reveal everything! For some things you need to be there!

Will You Be There?

The call for speakers and sponsors is still open. A limited number of Super Early Bird tickets will be available during April, so stay tuned with your preferred channel:


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