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Jean-Luc Chassaing

My rest website

Monday 25 June 2012 5:05:47 pm

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How about building my website in full REST ?

Well here is the story.

We're starting a total rebuild of our website and it's time to make some clever choices.

So we are now in 2012 the Internet network is real powerful, we all want adaptive website that can fit to any client. We want something light dynamic with things that can move ... well all that Web 2.0 stuff.

So I'm turning all that around and I was just wondering why wouldn't we build our web site in full REST architecture ? That would be for the real front office part.

This would be the best way to have a complete isolation between the content and the container.

Let's see we need CCS3 and some media queries to make the adaptive stuff. We need some javascript to deal with the ajax part and to build the view from the REST result.

The website design would need to be simple with a great consistency between the different pages.

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