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Some eZ Publish 5 update

Tuesday 30 October 2012 11:57:59 am

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eZ Publish 5.0 is now in certification phase, here are some important updates.

app/ folder renamed

The first important update is the renaming of app/ folder to ezpublish/. Indeed, since eZ Publish is the application name, it was logic to rename this folder.

ezpublish_legacy/ folder moved to root

The second important thing is that we moved ezpublish_legacy/ out of the main application folder. Indeed, it can be considered as an application as a whole since it can work in standalone mode


Pure eZ Publish settings are now stored in ezpublish/config/ezpublish_<env>.yml. Note that it's possible to share settings between environments by importing ezpublish/config/ezpublish.yml like this is the case by default when running the setup wizard (see an example of YAML imports in Symfony documentation).

The setup wizard will launch if your ezpublish_<env>.yml doesn't exist.


If you already tried out eZ Publish 5 through git, you'll need to upgrade your installation:

  1. Copy all your config files from app/config/ to ezpublish/config/
  2. Move app/ezpublish_legacy/ to the root folder (where ezpublish/, vendor/ and web/ stand)
  3. Ensure that in ezpublish/config/config.ymlezpublish_legacy.root_dir value is %kernel.root_dir%/../ezpublish_legacy
  4. Ensure that your webserver has write permissions to ezpublish/cache/ and ezpublish/logs/
  5. Reinstall legacy assets by running php ezpublish/console ezpublish:legacy:assets_install --symlink

Enjoy !

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