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Jurij Burkanov

Do you feel the heat? It's sulfur and pitch, burning.

Monday 23 April 2012 6:55:25 pm

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Meet Mr. Thomas Proutoi, 55. He is a senior logistic manager in the “Meumet” furniture company in France. He is very nice and intelligent. He is a very valuable worker and personally just a fabulous man with rich life story. He was some kind of Indiana Johnes in his youth, excavating artifacts in all corners of the world. Now he is dad and grandfather. He can repair his own car without going to service and can entertain small children for hours.

He really dislikes computers. Typing a short text in "Word" makes him suffer. Typing a longer text in "Word" makes suffer the whole IT-Department of his company, regularly. The technical support ladies are gambling for the right to take a vacation in the week when Thomas will be writing his year report.

And this guy writes very important reports, because he knows a damn lot about the business. And he should be able to publish them, together with some collateral information, on the web site using the eZ Publish.

Welcome to designer's hell. 

The most detailed and complicated persona we've got so far:

Check it out, guys. Comments are welcome.

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