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A REST Layer on Top of the World (just back from IPC13)

Monday 04 November 2013 2:48:42 pm

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Right back from International PHP Conference 13 in Munich, Germany, here are the slides of my talk, and the little story behind them.

This is the story of a REST interface that first saw the daylight in the eZ Publish 4.x times, within the open eZ world. Right at the outset, it was sensed as a killer solution to the multi-channel challenge. It could read pretty well, but never really managed to write and contribute to the vast ocean of content stored in the repository (including deletion and update of content). This did not really prevent it to fulfill the initial contract of supporting developers and marketers in their quest to diffusing content across channels.

But came the time where writing became a prominently sought capability. A condition for blatant success. eZ Publish 5.x was around the corner, with its solid PHP API. The REST API version 2 found a snug place at the heart of this new, Symfony2-based architecture.

This talk presents how inserting a REST layer on top of the world of Content and Features in eZ Publish allows for more than service-to-service usage (ex: a User Interface built on top of REST). It digs into the details of this content-oriented, RESTful API, hands-on, and illustrates how the REST principles were applied to eZ Publish 5 and its Symfony-based architecture.

Note: Two demo sessions were done within this talk - the slides do not reflect this, but for the demo synopsis. Feel free to get in touch to learn more.

Many thanks to Damien Pobel for the massive help in preparing this talk.

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