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I am Leaving eZ: a Warm Goodbye!

Wednesday 20 August 2014 12:00:41 pm

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Here we are, 9 years after I first entered the eZ house in Skien, on Sept 1st 2005, meeting an incredible crew of 60+ people, more than a dozen of different nationalities, a blooming product and community footprint with solid underlying business.


And today is the day I am officially stepping-down from my position of Vice President of Marketing, heading towards other challenges outside of the eZ Ecosystem. Still in the digital world, still in the demanding world of startups and innovative companies, but in a slightly different (yet connected) industry.

In collaboration with the rest of the Management team, we made sure that all Marketing-related activities continue running smoothly and efficiently. My responsibilities (Worldwide Marketing + Community Management) are handed-over to a consolidated Product + Marketing team, headed by Roland Benedetti, from New York City. The Engineering team, led by André Rømcke in Lyon, will also contribute its share of Community Management. eZ's Marketing & Community operations are safe & solid, and continuity will be enforced. It was really important for me to secure this, as this will bring great value to the entire eZ Ecosystem today, and on the long-run. I believe eZ’s future is bright.

I am also stepping-down from my position of chairman of the Community Project Board, which I had the honor to launch and lead for four years. More details coming soon on this topic, on the Board’s blog.

Looking back on these years puts a smile up my face, gives me a feeling of accomplishment, pride, and joy of having met & worked with so many great persons. Many of these relationships will outlive my time at eZ, I know it for sure. These nine years have been my first professional experience, yet it feels like I had four or five different ones, making it an utterly rich time. I started being a frequently traveling consultant and trainer, covering Western Europe during 3 full years, being involved in a number of astonishing projects revolving around eZ Publish. I finished this exciting phase in New York City for several months.

The next step was setting-up the discipline of Product Management within eZ, and getting it to run smoothly, being in parallel fairly hands-on on software engineering, eZ Find among others.

The intrapreneurship virus acted-up again, leading to launching Community Management, and taking the lead of the discipline for several years, growing a team (fantastic team!) around me and, hopefully, changing the game when it comes to Community thing in the eZ Ecosystem. A few signs, like the growing amount of contributions, the activity in the forums, and the amount of pieces of knowledge contributed seem to attest to the good health of our developer community.

The last step was to take the lead on all Marketing at eZ, with my team, a fantastic opportunity to connect the dots (Community, Product, Sales), with an important focus on the online aspects of the discipline. This time has been wrapped-up by the recent launch of the brand new, responsive

A hat tip to all of you guys, who are instrumental in powering the eZ Ecosystem, within or outside of eZ Systems: keep-up, and forge ahead!

I am not planning (yet) to go on a lifelong offline retreat, so feel free to get in touch:

So long and thanks for all the fish!

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