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how to install ezteamroom in your language.

Friday 23 March 2012 12:04:13 pm

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Since i have few problem to install the ezteamroom extension , i decide to write an how to . i hope it will help you .

1- download ezpublish 4.3 bundle zip package :
2- unzip it in the document root
3- set the config.php file in the document root

    define( 'EZP_USE_BUNDLED_COMPONENTS', true );
    date_default_timezone_set( 'Europe/Paris' );

3- run the install wizard.
4- choose your language as current language then next
5- set your smtp parameter then choose next
6- choose mysql handler as you want.then choose next you can here create your database with this script :

CREATE DATABASE `projet_ezpublish` CHARACTER SET utf8 ;

7- set you db acces parameter then choose next
8- choose your language then choose next
9- As we want only a website for teamroom setup , choose plain text model and choose next 2 times.
10- As your language is not english, set the choiice for map to your language and then next again.
11- Here is time for choosing acces mode : i choose URL 12- here is the last step of the first install.

    Détails du Site:
    Titre: Espace Projet
    URL du site:
    Chemin d'accès utilisateur: site
    Chemin d'accès administrateur: site_admin
    Base de données: projet_ezpublish

13- Set your adminuser parameter, 14- set the security .htaccess file

cp .htaccess_root .htaccess

15- finish the install by reading the rest of the wizard.
16- Download the ezteamroom package.
17- Unzip in extension directory.
18- Install the 2 sql scripts for the ezteamroom extension. extension/ezevent/sql/mysql/schema.sql extension/ezlightbox/sql/mysql/schema.sql
19- add the extensions to the override/site.ini.append.php by modifying the extensionsetting section and the databasetting section  

    Server=YOUR SERVER

20- clear the cache and regenerate autoloads.

    php bin/php/ezpgenerateautoloads.php -e
    php bin/php/ezcache.php --clear-all --purge

21- Here is the most important step : you have to translate the entire file for your language for the extension ezteamroom
for me : extension/ezteamroom/translations/fre-FR/translation.ts
If you don't do that, you will have some text in english in your install which can be difficult to modify after setup.
Translation ezteamroom in french
22- then you can run this command :

    php extension/ezxmlinstaller/bin/php/xmlinstaller.php

and you have to answer the questions :

    Using siteaccess "site" for installation from XML
    Checking requirements...
    Please enter "Directory to data" (extension/ezteamroom/data):
    Please enter "Parent node of the eZ Teamroom frontpage content object" (2):
    Please enter "Name of the existing admin siteaccess" (site_admin):
    Please enter "Content object ID of the eZ Publish user group to store guest accounts" (11):
    Please enter "Class ID of the default user group class" (3):
    Please enter "Class ID of the default folder class" (1):
    Please enter "Language which should eZ teamroom installed in." (eng-GB): fre-FR
    Please enter "Section used for public teamrooms (0 will create a new section)." (0):
    Please enter "Section ID of the users section." (2):
    Please enter "Please enter the complete URL to your new Teamroom installation (without http://)." (w
    Please enter "Do you want to make use of the state "internal" for teamrooms (no)." (no):

I choose not to modify anythong but language and url.
22- Here is the last action for install the website.
-- change in




-- modify the SiteAccessSettings section to had the two next variable :


--clear all the cache

php bin/php/ezcache.php --clear-all --purge

here is the end of the install you can access to your in your navigator.

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