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Tuesday 17 November 2009 11:19

by Nicolas Pastorino  | 2 comments

Why was this team gathered today ?

This meeting is inline with the continuous will from eZ Systems to focus on the eZ Community. This focus is up to 100%, the dedicated Community Manager (Nicolas Pastorino) is here to grow the community, make it an even more attractive exchange place, and make sure it is a helpful, fun place to step by when working with eZ Publish.

The newly born is a tool for you, by you. Getting involved in making it evolve gives you the chance to share a bit of your skills and motivation in a concrete manner, keeping in mind the will to address the prominent needs of the whole. All participants to this meeting volunteered to be part of the team by answering positively to the call for participants here Five of them are not eZ employees, are long-time, active members, and decided to give a hand when they can, sharing their time to make yours. And they do have busy schedules, as we all do.

On behalf of the community: thank you.

As any team, some organization is required. This first meeting helped nail down the main ideas and objectives, sketch out the organization, and understand how we'll work together. Enforcing total transparency and openness, all meeting minutes and activity reports will be published on the dedicated " team" blog on this website.

We need more hands and volunteers. So if you want to get involved, even for small tasks, drop an email at community [at] ez [dot] no, we'll happily share the job :)

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