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2010 Nov 9th - Meeting minutes

Monday 15 November 2010 1:31:34 pm

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As usual, here are our bi-weekly meeting minutes of the Share Community Team. Read them and stay up to date with what is going on in your community! Previous meeting minutes can be found here.

Date : 2010, Nov. 9th.
Participants : Philippe, Robin, Graham, Carlos, Nicolas
Where : skype


Prior action points : status + evolution

1/ Migrating the old contribs section

It is now finished :
Some people asked for removing some of the migrated projects :
Robin suggests to do some more follow up on the topic, not everyone has captured how to claim ownership, ask for project removal, etc. Some twitter messages, through IRC too, and if no response, maybe another blog post within a month.


Additional issue : the search engine seems to take a longer time than before to provide results : this needs to be taken care of.


Subsequently to the migration, the cronjobs were not running smoothly anymore, due to the volume of migrated data to be absorbed. This is now all fixed.

2/ Upgrading to eZ Publish Fuji (4.4).

The upgrade was run successfully locally on two different instances. A little issue with the RSS module remains (custom fetch function called : ‘rss_list’, hack at that time), one solution could be to create a custom module for this. The team is going to focus on this in the next two weeks, details to be addressed on the mailing-list.

3/ : needs love and safeguarding

Results of the survery conducted will be published (, along with our analysis, conclusions and actions.

4/ Cleaning-up

The pre-requisites for this are completing the upgrade to 4.4.

5/ Participation model around the Community Project

Discussion on the topic taking place on the team’s mailing-list, RFC to be published before the end of the year, including feedback gathering from the community.


New topics

  • Job Board ?
  • Event planner. Should include corporate eZ events, and give the possibility to “register” or RSVP to an event.

Overflown from last time :

  • Upgrading to eZ 4.4
  • Moving translation process to using GIT
  • Access to Documentation : how to improve ? Need a discussion on “licensing” as well (see ezpedia)

Prioritized next steps

1/ Upgrading
2/ Participation model around the Community Project
3/ Closing the topic.


Next time

Monday Nov. 22nd, 20:00 GMT+1 (Paris Time)

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