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2011 Aug 25th - Meeting minutes

Friday 26 August 2011 7:04:40 pm

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Resuming activities after the summer break ! On the agenda : Job Board, Event Planner.


You can find the previous minutes here : 2011 July 11th - Meeting minutes

Date : 2011, Aug 25th
Participants : Nicolas, Robin, Carlos, Alexandre, Paul, Graham
Where : Skype



Prior action points : status + evolution

1/ Event planner 

Status today:
The team will continue the development to deliver the final solution as soon as possible. Carlos proposes to jump-in, have a look at what is done, and come back with questions.
Gaetano had shared earlier a few stubs and snippets which can help the YQL part : 
Concerning data refreshing, the data retrieved from should be cached locally (at the template level), adn refreshed from time to time through cronjobs or a TTL-based approach.
Action [Robin] : posting to Gilles, Paul & Steven that Carlos is going to join.
Previous description shared by Gilles, for the record :
  2011 July 11th - Meeting minutes


2/ Forum notifications

The questions is whether one should receive one’s own replies through email, when subscribed to a thread. A small survey was launched here :
  Survey : Should you receive notifications about your own posts on

Another suggestion by Carlos : not send the whole message in the email notification. But not everyone agrees on this. Robin proposes to have the choice, as a setting per user.

Action (Robin) : Make it a survey by the Community


3/ Job Board

Question : Should we open the discussion to the whole Community ?

Most of us are in favor of opening-up. Pre-requisite :

  • Presence for gardening the brainstorming,
  • Explain the expected outcome clearly from the beginning (“we want to spot the 5 essential features for a first round of implementation”),
  • Clearly state that the beginnig of the implementation will be after the event planner is pushed live,
  • Call on more hands for this project,

Content of the call (blog post) :
“Reserved for partners in write mode / Public in read-mode and free contact-making.”
We do not present our ideas int he first round, leaving the sheet empty, uninfluenced. We will then, later, propose our ideas, in the middle of the brainstorm timeframe.
Open for 1 month.

Action ( Philippe ) : Make it a blog post.
Done : Job Board : information

Previous brainstorming ideas :

Action ( Nicolas ) :  Sketch-up wireframes.


4/ Clean-up in Participation model

Action : (Nicolas/Robin) and need to be checked and duplicate information removed.


Prioritized next steps

  1. Event planner
  2. Job Board
  3. Participation Model (final tweaks)

Next time

Mon Sep 5, 2011 at 20:00


Side note :

Many blog posts were published in the last two weeks, we highly recommend following the RSS feeds there :

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