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2011 December 12th - Meeting minutes

Friday 16 December 2011 12:06:44 pm

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The Job Board still is in the limelight !

Date : 2011, Monday December 12th
Participants : Nicolas, Robin, Paul, Graham
Where : Skype

Previous meetings minutes.



Prior action points : status + evolution 

2/ Forum notifications

Marko was busy last week. Robin to get back in touch with him this week, interested in participating.
Action [Nicolas] : get back to Marko, who had questions regarding the development process.


3/ Job Board

Virgil and Sebastiaan proposing their help.
Decision made to use Job-a-matic. Next steps :

  • Define the implementation schedule in an open way with the volunteers
    Action [Robin, open on the ML] * ,
  • Setup the Job-a-matic account
    Action [Nicolas],
  • Customise the on-site job-a-matic version
    Action [Nicolas] ** ,
  • Create DNS entry for custom URL
    Action [Nicolas]
  • Find hands to work on this integration : Virgil & Sebastiaan proposed their help ,   
  • Deliver on implementation on,

** Required configuration points on Job-a-Matic :

  • Paypal account to be configured,
  • Header & Footer sections,
  • Logo,
  • Colors & Type,
  • Backfill jobs,
  • Categories, 

* : Here are a few random points for integration
    (provided that configuration on the hosted side is complete ) :

  • Create a top-menu entry on (new folder)
  • Sketch-out the wireframes for this new section
  • We might need new HTML
  • Import job offers as content or not ? If yes : they are indexed. If not : lighter.
  • Small library required for consuming the Job-a-Matic API/content. Re-use of the template operator code used for the Event planner ?
  • Template override to be created for this new section
  • Opening of the Job Board so it gets filled with content.

4/ Clean-up in Participation model

Robin sent the candidate wireframes, they look pretty good.

Left to do :

  • integrate them
  • restructure the content tree (move-up the “Downloads” section one-level, remove the “Download & Develop” page).

Action [Nicolas/Robin - in progress] : need to be checked and duplicate information removed.


Prioritized next steps 

  1. Job Board
  2. Participation Model (final tweaks)
  3. Forums notification feature.

Next time

Tue Jan 10, 2012 at 20:00.


Side note :

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