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2011 November 21st - Meeting minutes

Tuesday 22 November 2011 7:15:11 pm

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Strong focus put on the Job Board for this meeting, Robin having done a great investigation/benchmarking work.

Date : 2011, Monday November 21st
Participants : Nicolas, Robin, Thiago, Graham
Where : Skype

Previous meetings minutes.



Prior action points : status + evolution 

2/ Forum notifications

Marko was busy last week. Robin to get back in touch with him this week, interested in participating.
Action [Robin] : Check whether Marko, who expressed interest for this feature, would like to step-in now.
Action [] : Implement the feature


3/ Job Board

Discussion went on : 
Action [Robin][done] : investigate 2 opensource solutions.
It turns out that Jobamatic is fulfilling the needs, if we accept that any job submission is for pay, the minimum being 5$ per posted job offer.
Decision made to use Job-a-matic. Next steps :

  • Call on eZ Community help,
  • Define the implementation schedule in an open way with the volunteers,
  • Setup the Job-a-matic account,
  • Customise the on-site job-a-matic version,
  • Find hands to work on this integration,
  • Deliver on implementation on,

Action[Robin] : Post about this decision, also calling on helping hands. Link to this post from the ongoing thread.


4/ Clean-up in Participation model

Action [Nicolas/Robin - in progress] : and need to be checked and duplicate information removed.

7/11/11 Robin: create a wireframe according to discussed setup of the new page (shared google doc; revamping download & develop). Nicolas will try some options with regards to moving download&develop and download page in the content tree to merge those pages.


5/ Other remarks


Prioritized next steps

  1. Job Board
  2. Participation Model (final tweaks)

Next time

Mon Dec 12, 2011 at 20:00


Side note :

eZ Publish Community links round-up 22/11/11

Many events proposed in the event planner, check them out, one might be close to you !

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