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2011 November 7th - Meeting minutes

Tuesday 08 November 2011 3:03:33 pm

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The Share Team has delivered the Event Planner for the portal. The Team's focus is now on the Job Board, another exciting feature to be implemented on our Community portal very soon. More details to be found in the minutes below. 

Date : 2011, Monday November 7th
Participants : Nicolas, Thiago, Paul, Robin
Where : Skype
Previous meeting minutes 
Action [Robin] : publish the minutes


Prior action points : status + evolution

1/ Event planner
Action [Paul] : PHP Benelux please in the event planner :)

Tasks for the second round of development (after launch) :
Gilles : Twitter block on the event full view

2/ Forum notifications

Action [Robin - done] : Close the two surveys (closing the forms themselves + adding a note in the related posts), extract the results, and publish a summary blog-post. (
Action [Robin - done] : Create the feature in eZ Roadmap. (

Action [Robin] : Check whether Marko, who expressed interest for this feature, would like to step-in now.
Action [] : Implement the feature

3/ Job Board

Discussion went on :

Action [Nicolas][done] : post the remarks above to the ongoing thread
Action [Robin - in progress] : investigate 2 opensource solutions 
Action [Philippe][done] : ask if they propose a branded, hosted solution

4/ Clean-up in Participation model

Action [Nicolas/Robin - in progress] : and need to be checked and duplicate information removed.

7/11/11 Robin: create a wireframe according to discussed setup of the new page (shared google doc; revamping download & develop). Nicolas will try some options with regards to moving download&develop and download page in the content tree to merge those pages.

5/ Other remarks

Prioritized next steps

  1. Job Board
  2. Participation Model (final tweaks)

Next time

Nov. 21st, 20:00 CET / GMT +1

Side note :

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