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2011 September 5th - Meeting minutes

Tuesday 06 September 2011 8:15:15 pm

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Development of the Event extension is progressing, and a good start of a discussion about the Job Board has started. Read more what the Share team is up to in it's latest meeting minutes.

Date : 2011, Sept 5th
Participants : Nicolas, Robin, (Thiago), Graham
Where : Skype
Previous meeting minutes
(Action: Robin) : publish the minutes


Prior action points : status + evolution

1/ Event planner

Status today:

(Action: Robin - WIP) arrange a meeting on Skype so Nicolas can check progress and if everybody understands the requirements of the YQL part.

2/ Forum notifications

Survey was posted by Robin:
We will keep this online for 1 or 2 more weeks. Currently 9 out of 11 votes are to keep the full message.
(Action: everyone) Give this some more noise/buzz and try to get more votes.

3/ Job Board

Question : Should we open the discussion to the whole Community ?

Philippe has posted a blog:

Good discussion followed. (Action: everyone) This requires another round of noise/buzz to try and get more feedback. We keep this open for another 2.5 weeks. (Action) Insert our ideas this week, as edit in the blog post (state the edit).

Previous brainstorming ideas :

(Action: Nicolas ) :  Sketch-up wireframes. Nicolas is halfway on this.

4/ Clean-up in Participation model

( Action : Nicolas/Robin) and need to be checked and duplicate information removed.

Call between Robin & Nicolas on Thursday morning this week, to tackle this.

Prioritized next steps

  1. Event planner
  2. Job Board
  3. Participation Model (final tweaks)

Next time

Monday September 19th, 2011 20:00 CET

Side note :

The many blog posts:
Survey: receive notification on your own posts?
Survey: receive full message in notifications?
More information on the upcoming Job Board, we need your input!

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