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2012 April 2nd - Meeting minutes

Tuesday 03 April 2012 3:49:17 pm

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Date : 2012, Monday, April 2nd
Participants : Robin, Alex, Carlos, Nicolas
Where : Skype

Previous meeting minutes. 



Prior action points : status + evolution

1/ Forum notifications

Implementation of a feature which was a result of two surveys.

Action[Robin/All] : engage discussion on Graham’s proposal (through the ML)


2/ Job Board

Phase 2 would be to provide a filtering capability, but the XML API does not allow it (while it is available on the on-premise version of the Job Board).

Update : Request to Jobamatic done by Robin, as to whether it would be ok to store for search purposes only.

Plan/Action[Robin + Nicolas] : if no reply from Jobamatic within 7 days, Robin simply drops an email to the ML, and Nicolas will try to duplicate the request.

Action [Robin][done] : investigate possible workarounds or ways to provide filtering. Sync with Virgil/Sebastiaan


3/ Restructuring of the “Download” section

Left to do:

  • Integrate the wireframes sent by Robin
  • Restructure the content tree (move-up the “Downloads” section one-level, remove the “Download & Develop” page).

Action [Alex][done] : implement the mock-up made by Robin

Action [Alex][done] : push the changes to SVN and email the team.

Action [Nicolas] : test the changes locally and push live. need to be checked and duplicate information removed.


4/ Face-lift of the team - ideas to increase the team’s activity

Idea : reduce the core team to a minimum, and engage non-members on specific projects (example : the Job Board), led by one of the core members.

The is now committed to facilitating / spearheading projects coming from the community, and help with their great experience of the eZ Community infrastructure management.

+ evocative picture

Action [Robin + Graham] : phrase this in what will serve as base material for a blog post. Through a Google Doc. Feel free to list/brainstorm on possible projects for this year.

Ideas :


Prioritized next steps

  1. Restructuring of the “Download” section
  2. Forums notification feature.
  3. Job Board
  4. “New way” of the team.

Next time

Mon Apr 23rd, 2012 at 20:00 CET (Paris time)




eZ Publish Community Project 2012.3 unveiled today!

Our engagement in the eZ Publish Community - a survey to help us improve ourselves

Improvements in the content edit form of the admin interface

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