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2012 August 20th - Meeting minutes

Wednesday 05 September 2012 3:06:15 pm

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Here are the meeting minutes for our recent meeting held on the 20th of August.

Date : 2012, Monday, August 20th
Participants : Nicolas, Robin, Carlos
Where : Skype
Previous meeting minutes
Action [Robin] : publish the minutes



General status

Where do we want to go ?


  • Refreshed graphical design + interaction scheme,
    • The platform itself adapts to your skills and knowledge and pulls you forward in your eZ Community member life,
    • Need for a personalized guidance in evolution, “personal growth”,
    • (can be supported by extending the reputation engine).
  • In-depth revamp of (features, design, interaction - merger with ?)

How do we proceed to go there ?


  • Question to transfer the code to github,
  • Issue-tracker-based development management (means that the currently open tasks need to be transferred there),
  • Monthly blog-post including a selection of functional groups of issues/enhancements
    • Idea: surface a couple of easy bugs/enhancements, that can be picked & fixed by beginners,
  • Projects-based contributions vs. rigid team structure:
    • On top of the people picking on issue and fixing it, project-specific teams can be set-up (ex: the Job Board),
  • Ask Geoff (eZ Publish Show) to promote the team in the show:
    • The minute: “We need help to build the platform, have you seen the latest bugs selection” ?
  • Regular meetings not needed anymore, on-demand meetings required. The rest of the communication will be happening through the mailing-list.


  • [Robin] Move the two open issues (cf below) to the issue tracker,
  • [Nicolas] Decide on move to github ( pending questions: security ),
  • [Robin] Establish the first selection of issues worth addressing and publish this (Nicolas picking his selection and share it with Robin),
  • [Robin ] Publish the minutes and make sure the team acknowledges by the team itself, since it changes the way the team works.
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