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2012 February 20th - Meeting minutes

Monday 20 February 2012 9:21:55 pm

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The Share Team along with Virgil and Sebastiaan launched the Job Board. We are now focusing on cleaning up some overdue tasks. Read the full minutes below.

Date : 2012, Monday, February 20th
Participants : Robin, Nicolas
Where : Skype
Previous meeting minutes
Action [Robin] : publish the minutes



Prior action points : status + evolution


1/ Forum notifications

Implementation of a feature which was a result of two surveys.
Action [Nicolas] : get back to Marko, who had questions regarding the development process.

2/ Job Board

The Job board was launched :
Phase 2 would be to provide a filtering capability, but the XML API does not allow it (while it is available on the on-premise version of the Job Board).
Action [Robin] : investigate possible workarounds or ways to provide filtering. Sync with Virgil/Sebastiaan

3/ Restructuring of the “Download” section

Left to do :

  • integrate the wireframes sent by Robin
  • restructure the content tree (move-up the “Downloads” section one-level, remove the “Download & Develop” page).

Action [Nicolas - in progress] : need to be checked and duplicate information removed.

4/ Face-lift of the team - ideas to increase the team’s activity

Idea : reduce the core team to a minimum, and engage non-members on specific projects (example : the Job Board), led by one of the core members.

Prioritized next steps


  1. Restructuring of the “Download” section
  2. Job Board
  3. Forums notification feature.

Next time

Mon Mar 12, 2012 at 20:00

Side note :

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