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2012 January 10th - Meeting minutes

Saturday 14 January 2012 2:31:11 pm

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Implementation of the Job Board has started, cleanup of the download and develop page is almost done. Read our bi-weekly minutes below.

Date : 2012, Tuesday January 10th
Participants : Nicolas, Robin, Graham
Where : Skype

Previous meeting minutes
Action [Robin] : publish the minutes


Prior action points : status + evolution

1/ Forum notifications

Implementation of a feature which was a result of two surveys.

Action [Nicolas] : get back to Marko, who had questions regarding the development process.

2/ Job Board

Implementation of the Job Board feature on Discussion here. Virgil and Sebastiaan proposing their help.

Decision: go with Job-o-matic. (

Decision made to use Job-a-matic. Next steps :

  • Define the implementation schedule in an open way with the volunteers
    Action [Robin, open on the ML] * ,
  • Setup the Job-a-matic account
    Action [Nicolas][done],
  • Customise the on-site job-a-matic version
    Action [Nicolas] * ,
  • Create DNS entry for custom URL
    Action [Nicolas]
  • Find hands to work on this integration : Virgil & Sebastiaan proposed their help ,   
  • Deliver on implementation on,

* Required configuration points on Job-a-Matic :

  • Paypal account to be configured,
  • Header & Footer sections,
  • Logo [done],
  • Colors & Type [done],
  • Backfill jobs [done],
  • Categories [done],

* Here are a few random points for integration
    (provided that configuration on the hosted side is complete ) :

  • Create a top-menu entry on (new folder)
  • Sketch-out the wireframes for this new section
  • We might need new HTML
  • Import job offers as content or not ? If yes : they are indexed. If not : lighter.
  • Small library required for consuming the Job-a-Matic API/content. Re-use of the template operator code used for the Event planner ?
  • Template override to be created for this new section
  • Opening of the Job Board so it gets filled with content.

3/ Clean-up in Participation model

Robin sent the candidate wireframes, they look pretty good.

Left to do :

  • integrate them
  • restructure the content tree (move-up the “Downloads” section one-level, remove the “Download & Develop” page).

Action [Nicolas - in progress] : need to be checked and duplicate information removed.

Action [Robin - done] : Required from Robin to move-on : send the background gradient used in his wireframes to Nicolas, so he can make the overlay a dynamic artifact, and also update the eZ logo with the right colors.

7/11/11 [Robin - done]: create a wireframe according to discussed setup of the new page (shared google doc; revamping download & develop). Nicolas will try some options with regards to moving download&develop and download page in the content tree to merge those pages [done].

Prioritized next steps

  1. Job Board
  2. Participation Model (final tweaks)
  3. Forums notification feature.

Next time

Mon Jan 23, 2012 at 20:00.

Side note :

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