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2012 January 23th - Meeting minutes

Thursday 26 January 2012 8:50:50 pm

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Implementation of the Job Board made a jump start with the help from community members. The team's focus, along with the community volunteers, is to have the Job Board available very soon. Read the rest of the minutes below.

Date : 2012, Tuesday January 23rd
Participants : Nicolas, Robin, (Graham)
Where : Skype

Previous meeting minutes
Action [Robin] : publish the minutes


Prior action points : status + evolution

1/ Forum notifications

Implementation of a feature which was a result of two surveys.

Action [Nicolas] : get back to Marko, who had questions regarding the development process.

2/ Job Board

Implementation of the Job Board feature on Discussion here. Virgil and Sebastiaan proposing their help.

Decision: go with Job-o-matic. (

Robin and Nicolas worked on an implementation document (not shared in minutes, contains private data and login credentials). Meeting planned for Feb. 24th if everyone involved can make it to kick-off the implementation.

3/ Clean-up in Participation model

Left to do :

  • integrate the wireframes sent by Robin
  • restructure the content tree (move-up the “Downloads” section one-level, remove the “Download & Develop” page).

Action [Nicolas - in progress] : need to be checked and duplicate information removed.

Prioritized next steps

  1. Job Board
  2. Participation Model (final tweaks)
  3. Forums notification feature.

Next time

Tuesday Feb 7, 2012 at 20:00.

Side note :

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