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Design contest, a small update

Tuesday 11 May 2010 11:19:14 am

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Just over two weeks ago Nicolas Pastorino launched the Design contest (http://share.ez.no/design-contest), an opportunity for designers in- and outside the eZ community to design a new look for our community portal at http://share.ez.no. So where are we right now?

Currently we have 9 participants running in the contest and some are already at 75% of converting the wire-frames into mock-ups which is great progress. I had the fortunate opportunity of having had a sneak peak at two of the designs already, and they look promising.

We are just under 4 weeks before the final deliveries/designs need to be submitted. This will trigger another phase in the contest, the one where the entire community will be able to vote for his/hers preferred design. There will be an announcement when we reach that point, and all the designs will be viewable on the dedicated forum http://share.ez.no/forums/design-contest.

But before we reach that phase, the participants still have a lot to work on, and we wish them luck with that! We will keep you updated weekly.

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