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eZ Publish Job Board : a success of the team, empowering all of us !

Tuesday 07 February 2012 11:19:50 pm

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The brand new eZ Publish Job Board was just launched, gathering all job offers worldwide for eZ Publish talents. Read the full story !

A great realization, by a great team

The launch of the Job Board represents a new, prominent achievement in the team realization portfolio, after other lighthouse actions like the new design of this website. In this project initiated by the team, the feedback from eZ Community members has been instrumental in making this happen. Beyond a team realization, this Job Board is a global eZ Community victory : thank you to all participants to the open RFC that led to full specifications of the Job Board platform.
My personal credits go in particular to Robin, Virgil and Sebastiaan who, hands-on, provided the technical implementation of this pretty complex tool.


How it works, for recruiters, and for job-seekers

This Job Board is the main initiative to make the staffing on projects easier, meant to become the main job-trading and sub-contracting place around eZ Publish, empowering the whole eZ Ecosystem, and today, it has reached completion of its first round.

For recruiters

The list of job offers will be displayed on the eZ Publish Community portal, This portal currently receives, monthly, on average 20 000 unique visitors, skilled eZ Publish developers and editors, a wonderful opportunity for recruiters to grab their attention and get them aboard their company. This will let them find excellent sub-contractors (companies) and skilled individuals or freelancers.
Here is a small, time-limited launch offer, don’t let it pass by :

  • Visit
  • Click the "Post a Job" button
  • Fill-out all required job-offer information
  • At the "Enter payment" step : use the following discount code to get a 100% discount: LAUNCH
  • Complete the procedure : your job offer will be online, soon displayed to the entire eZ Ecosystem, for 45 days.

This offer is valid until Friday, Feb. 10th.

For Job-seekers

As a job-seeker, this tool presents the advantage of centralizing, in one single place, most of the eZ Publish-related job offers. These offers are channeled through an RSS feed, and a dedicated Twitter account : @ezpublish_jobs. And even if you are not actively looking for a job, It doesn’t cost you anything to check on job offers now and then, and accidentally find a new career opportunity  ;) 


Questions ?

Feel free to ask them as comment under this post, or directly at :  job-board A

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