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Job Board, decision to go with Job-a-matic.

Sunday 27 November 2011 8:48:30 pm

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In the last meeting of the Share team a decision was made which solution to use for the Job Board which now has priority on the Share team, to get implemented on this portal. Read on to find out how we made this decision, and for which solution we choose.

Back in August we started an open discussion with the community about having a Job Board on this portal. Which features it should have, permissions and so on. We have had a lot of feedback for which we would like to thanks the community.

Originally we intended a full development of an eZ Publish extension to accomplish this Job Board. However, during the discussion, it got clear to the Share team that we would not have the resources to pull this off in a reasonably short time. We also learned by experience, through the development of the Event extension based on a Lanyrd integration. So, that lead us to also think about using a SaaS solution.

With SaaS in mind, we performed a short but effective benchmark. We set up a list of features that we listed as 'must have' and 'nice to have' and scored a few solutions against that list. We also checked out the solutions by actually signing up on the SaaS solution or by checking out the full demo of an Open Source solution.

The result of this benchmark, and a brief discussion during the last Share meeting, is that we will go with Job-a-matic.

Although we decided to go with this solution, it is by no means a solution we will stick with for the next 5 years or so. As stated in previous meeting minutes, we will start using it, and if we run into any major issues, we will take an opportunity to re-evaluate and check on our options.

So, with the above decision on the table, we also look for help. Hands! People in the community that would like to form a team, along with one or two members of the Share team and get this implemented. It would be awesome to start the new year with a Job Board live and running on our portal. So if you want to contribute, leave us a note here, or feel free to e-mail to community AT ez DOT no.

Kind regards, Robin
(On behalf of the entire Share team)

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