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Maintenance time for projects.ez.no on Nov. 30th, full day from 8:00am GMT+1

Wednesday 24 November 2010 6:51:03 pm

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Upgrading http://projects.ez.no to eZ Publish Fuji (4.4) is going to happen on Tuesday Nov. 30th, full day from 8:00am GMT+1.

As exposed in the latest share.ez.no team meeting minutes, upgrading projects.ez.no to eZ Publish 4.4 is the main priority for our current 2 weeks sprint. This will increase the performances of the platform, and give a much higher flexibility when it comes to extending it (which will come in a second phase). This also opens the door for bringing share.ez.no and projects.ez.no closer to each other, making share.ez.no the main entry gate for the eZ Community.

So, if you are heavily depending on projects.ez.no, we recommend you take measures to be independent on Tuesday, Nov 30th full day from 8:00am GMT+1. Both web access and SVN services will be interrupted.

Cheers !

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