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Successful migration of contrib section

Friday 29 October 2010 9:12:52 pm

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Today the share.ez.no team has reached another goal. With the combined efforts of Jérôme, Alexandre and Nicolas the old contrib section which was hosted on ez.no has been migrated to projects.ez.no.


Current status

Before the migration, we had 477 projects hosted on projects.ez.no. After the migration we have an impressive amount of 1139 projects. The migration accounted for 662 projects to be merged to projects.ez.no.
An interesting fact: the team used the extension SQLi Import from Jérôme which you can find at http://projects.ez.no/sqliimport.


Orphaned projects

After the migration we ended up with 68 orphaned projects out of the 662, which are now assigned to a dummy user account “oldcontribs_import”. You can find a list of those project on the following link: http://projects.ez.no/users/community/oldcontribs_import_oldcontribs_import.


If you are the “owner” of one of the orphaned projects, please let us know. You can drop an e-mail at community AT ez DOT no, place a comment on this post, or file an issue on the tracker at issues.ez.no. Make sure to select projects.ez.no > old contribs migration under Components, see the screenshot below.




If you experience any problems on projects.ez.no in general, please use the link above to the issue tracker and file an issue.


What’s next

As you can read in our recently posted meeting minutes, we will be upgrading projects.ez.no to eZ Publish 4.4 - Fuji, work on a participation model for the community project and clean up on projects.ez.no.

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