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Survey results - Notifications

Thursday 03 November 2011 8:58:54 pm

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Recently the Share team held two surveys, both related to e-mail notifications on this community portal. We have closed the surveys and would like to share the results with you in this post.

The first survey was about receiving a notification on your own post (forum). The question was if you should or should not receive an e-mail notification about that as original poster.

The outcome of this survey was:

  • 19 votes No
  • 9 votes Yes

The Share team has turned this result into a feature request on the Roadmap, see So anyone willing to participate in turning this into a generic feature for eZ is hereby invited! Once tested and working, it will be implemented on this portal,

The second survey was also related to notifications. The question for this survey was; should you receive the entire message or just a link for notifications. The outcome of this survey was:

  • 15 votes Yes
  • 2 votes No

This means we stick to the current way of notifying people, with the entire message in the notification. 


On behalf of the Share team, I'd like to thank everyone who submitted his vote.

Regards, Robin

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