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Dapp|Tutei Social DevLog #4: Now it's Tutei Social

Wednesday 31 August 2011 1:59:44 pm

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Hello Guys!

As part of my plan to dominate the World, and France, I'm changing the name of this project to Tutei Social, now our extension is in another castle:

I also have a new domain,, which I plan to restart and insert only english content, 'cause creating complex content in PT-BR isn't a good idea as long as I don't want to restrict my wonderful knowledge bs only for a few people, and english is the world most known language.

I'm also doing some weird html5 experiences:

  • A mud, please reload the page if all the images doesn't load (I will fix it, I promise).
  • A game lib.
  • A secret game that is really secret (it's so secret that I myself doesn't know what it's all about).

That's all, I will keep you updated when I restart my main site.

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