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Tip: Minimum cronjob extension

Tuesday 14 February 2012 3:07:28 pm

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In this blog post I will show how to setup a cronjob extension.

Let's create our folder structure inside extension folder first:

  • mycronjob
    • settings
    • cronjobs

Then let's define that this extension has cronjob scripts by creating the mycronjob/settings/cronjob.ini.append.php file:

<?php /*
# We can also create custom cronjob part here, so we can invoke by php cli and crontabs
# We can also add scripts or redefine an existing cronjob part.
# Scripts[] to redefine an existing cronjob part
*/ ?>

Inside cronjobs folder we create our scripts that we have defined in the conjobpart settings, in this case it will be cronjobs/mycronscript.php :

// code goes here

To invoke your cronjob you need to use php cli:

php runcronjobs.php mycronpart

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