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Tony Wood

10 Years and still looking forward

Wednesday 24 October 2012 9:26:44 am

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This month marks 10 years since my first eZ Publish site went live. It seems like only yesterday. When I think back to it. It was a site for my Martial Arts Group at the time. Welham Martial Arts. I had left my old company and had setup Vision with Technology and was searching for the "perfect" tool for which to build the company on. I had been playing around with a few other CMSs and even considered writing a CMS myself (yes I am that much of an optimist). After a long search I found eZ Publish, at that time it was in v2.2.7 it had the CMS, Media Library, Ads, offline editor - pretty much everything a growing website needed.

I remember I built it on Mandrake 8.2 which I ran as servers and also for my man main desktop with Xinerama (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xinerama) for split screen goodness.

Tony at Desk 2003

Me working on an eZ Publish site 2003


Thinking back I remember all the help I got from the community as I posted my questions to the forums.  These answers really helped me understand eZ and implement better projects.  I even followed in GPL discussions way back in 2004

I realise now that those answers came from both the community and from employees in eZ Systems who have supported the community from the first. I see this commitment continue as eZ has matured into a world class Customers Experience Management (CXM

) system that has the fine pedigree of the core eZ Publish with added "must have" tools like Odoscope, eZ Recommend, Marketing Automation and other extensions that enable eZ to compete confidently at the top of the market.


So, I sit here at home thinking about what will the next 10 years bring. Well, we can see that there is a definite shift to "Web First Publishing" where publishers are using web technologies at the first step in their process rather than print design tools like InDesign. We also see the emergence of "Touch First Publishing" where we design for tables and phones where people touch the device rather than user a pointer/mouse. They also need an environment that deploys quickly and stores vast usage data, images and analytics in a scalable/resilient manner (eZ Cloud). This is a new paradigm one where the time to market and running costs also need to be reduced for customers. To achieve this there has needed to be a massive investment in time & skill in all areas technical -> marketing to make this come about. 




eZ Publish 5 I see as the culminate of 13 years of eZ community/company experience used to create an evolved platform that will serve us in this brave new world. One were our customers require proof of how well their site is working, one where our customers want "big data" capable systems, that can co-exist with the latest cloud based tools and on-premises tools that exist in their eco-system.  

We have the chance to create the future; eZ Publish is ahead of the curve here and it will take all of us working together both community and company to achieve our ultimate ambitions. The encouraging thing - It that both community and company want the same thing - a world class eZ Publish ecosystem and environment that can fulfil our customers needs now and way into the future. This is getting more and more difficult as the competition gets better and better. The good news is..we are still better and if I have anything to do with it - We always will be!

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