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EZSA-2016-002: Disclosure of collected info from information collector

Publication date : 28/07/2016
Severity : Medium
Affected versions : 4.4-5.4, all community versions at time of writing (legacy only)
Resolving versions : 5.4.6, 5.3.8, and published service packs for all other supported versions

This Security Update fixes a possible disclosure to unintended recipients of information collected for objects using the legacy information collection feature. If the session is cleared before accessing the collected info, the first collected info for the object is shown. If you don't use the information collection feature you are not affected, otherwise we strongly recommend that you install this Security Update as soon as possible.

Patch for eZ Publish: https://github.com/ezsystems/ezpublish-legacy/commit/39292170a6237c94b8ef624d962909e43d4c851b

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