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EZSA-2018-007: User data disclosure

Publication date : 20/11/2018
Severity : High
Affected versions : ezsystems/repository-forms v2.3.x
Resolving versions : ezsystems/repository-forms v2.3.2.1

This security advisory fixes a severe vulnerability in eZ Platform, and we recommend that you install it as soon as possible. In eZ Platform v2.3.x it is possible to bypass permission checks in a particular case. This means user data such as name and email (but not passwords or password hashes) can be read by unauthenticated users. This affects only v2.3.x. If you use v2.2.x or older you are not affected.

To install, use Composer to update "ezsystems/repository-forms" to the "Resolving versions" mentioned above, or apply this patch manually:

Have you found a security bug in eZ Publish or eZ Platform? See how to report it responsibly here: https://doc.ez.no/Security

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