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eZPublish implementation of Moxiecode's plupload


Allows use of the second parameter of the php strip_tags in a template operator.


The smartshort template operator shortens input strings like the shortentemplate operator but with a few important differences - most of the timeit will break at the end of a sentence and it will not break html tags.


The ezfire extension is a debugging tool to use the firephp firefox extension to output debug data to the firebug firefox extension console. This allows debugging output without modifying the output the end user sees in their web browser.It is comprised of a template operator and a php class to display debug output from templates or from php code.

Option Matrix Datatype

This combines option datatype with the matrix datatypes so that the option fields can have multiple columns. This can be used to create attributes on the backend that are form elements on the front-end.


Versatile quiz and survey extension with lots of options and conditions.

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