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Google AdSense Block

Google AdSense Block for eZ flow.Download:

Shop Stats

This extensions fetch webshop module data, wich is hidden by default in eZ publish 4.3+, and display graphical statistics using cplot extension.

Top Android Market Operator

List top paid, featured, or free apps from android market store.Usage:{topandroid()} - list top free apps by default.{topandroid('paid')} - list top paid apps.{topandroid('free')} - list top free apps.{topandroid('featured')} - list top featured apps.This is another a sample operator that shows how to parser external pages using Simple HTML Dom Parser ( ). It may conflict with topapps operator, if this happen you have to remove simple_html_dom.php from one of these extensions.Download:

TopApps Operator

List top paid or free apps from apple store.Usage:{topapps()} - list top free apps by default.{topapps('paid')} - list top paid apps.{topapps('free')} - list top paid apps.This is a sample operator that shows how to parser external pages using Simple HTML Dom Parser ( ). Download:


Integration of jsGantt ( ) with eZ publish. ezjscore.

Twitter Block for eZ flow

A twitter block type for eZ flow.


It's a new block type for eZ flow sites. It's like default media carousel block type, but has auto play.

Unity Web Player File Support

Now part of dappsocial/tuteisocial, no more updates here.This extension allow publications of Unity Web Player Files, demo of what is it is available on:

CPlot - Chart Extension

Chart template operator extension.


Now part of dappsocial/tuteisocial, no more updates here.Extension to upload and visualize .obj ( 3d model ) files.

eZ Publish Translation

Central project for collaborative translation of eZ Publish.


eZNetbeans is a Netbeans plug-in for supporting the eZ Publish tpl files. Version 0.3.3 and source available at use the palette, drag and drop the palette item to source editor.

UserExp Datatype

Now part of dappsocial/tuteisocial, no more updates here.A project of a new datatype called userexp, it stores the user exp and level. The method fromString is used by another extensions to increase or decrease the user exp and level.

Dapp Social

Tutei Social is a social networking extension for eZ publish build on top ofeZ flow extension. Available for download on

Get / Detect Browser

Detects user browser name and version.

eZ phpFreeChat

eZ publish chat extension that uses phpFreeChat project.


A collection of extensions, each one intended to demo an aspect of the eZ Publish API


This bundle has been created in order to clean install ez publish 5 in Ubuntu using the Github master version and setup basic features.

Tutei Sitemap Bundle

A simple sitemap.xml generator for ez publish 5

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