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eZ on Rails

Implementation of a simplified mvc scheme, modeled after Rails applications


Deprecated - look at ezworkflowcollection extension instead


Allow to use bespin to edit eZP templates, configuration files and php code.

eZ Webservices API

The goal is to expose as much as possible of existing eZP functionality (views, fetch functions, etc) via webservices.

eZ DB Integrity

Aims to add foreign keys to eZ Publish db schema and provide tools to do consistency checks of data.


A collection of general-purpose workflow events

eZ Publish Translation

Central project for collaborative translation of eZ Publish.

eZ Extension Builder

Provides tools to build (package) extensions for eZ Publish.


NXC CMIS client extension makes it really easy to integrate eZ publish powered website with ECMS that support communication by CMIS standard.We have tested the solution and it works well with a selection of ECM systems such as Nuxeo, Alfresco and KnowledgeTree.

eZ Publish fre-FR Translation

NOTE: this project has been discontinued in favor of ezpublish_translation ( ).The google group has also been discontinued in favor of forums on

Noven Image Cropper

Adds cropping ability on ezimage attributes


A simple new design for the administration site_access

eZPersistentObject Inspector

Allows introspection of all eZPO classes, (recursive) encoding of them, and has a script to analyze the online docs to complement its knowledge of datatypes for dynamic attributes with information coming from the manual.It can also scan online docs for fetch functions.

eZ Performance Logger

The swiss-army knife of eZ Publish performance tracing and profilingAn extension dedicated to measuring time taken, memory consumed, number of queries executed by every single page on an eZ Publish powered site. It can trace custom variables too.

eZ Apache Auth

Allow to set up Apache to delegate user authentication to eZPublish for protecting non-php resources such as webdav / subversion shares.Allow eZPublish to delegate to Apache user authentication

eZ Translation Tools

A collection of tools to help managing eZ Publish translations

eZ Extension Installer

Allows to easily (ideally one-click process) install/deinstall extensions available on the website

eZ Pear Server

Turns your ezp install into a pear server


A collection of extensions, each one intended to demo an aspect of the eZ Publish API

eZ Publish Builder

A (pake based) build tool, used to help create distributable versions of eZ Publish Community Project from the github sources and to test new packaged formats.NB: it is not a complete tool, as it relies on other repositories to carry out most build tasks.


NXC CMIS Server allows browsing of eZ publish content by any client that follows CMIS standard. It allows downloading and uploading of files and images. Search and checkin/checkout are not implemented for now.

eZ Content Staging

The ultimate content staging extension for replicating content between different eZ Publish instances

EzDebug using jquery

An extension that provides a better presentation of ezdebug, using a menu Jquery

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