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NXC Extended Attribute Filter

This is extendedattribte filter, which allows you to use as many extended attribute filters, as you wish (eZPublish kernel limitation - only one extended attributefilter per fetch). Also current extension provides user account attribute filter

NXC Extensions

Current extension allows:- set order to all other extensions (you can use drag and drop, clicking by extension`s name)- set dependencies between the extensions- use install/uninstall extension triggers, and put any PHP code into them

NXC Twitter

This project provides 4 extensions, which will integrate your eZ Publish website with Twitter.This solution is deprecated. Please do not use for new projects. Please use instead!

NXC String

Extends ezstring datatype by adding string limitations.

NXC Captcha

NXC Captcha is a flexible solution that protects your site from spam robots.Examples gallery is available at

NXC Hotkeys

This extension provides keybord shortcuts for- editing the content node- saving the draft- discarding the draft- previewing the draft- publishing the draft

NXC Master password

This extension allows you to login by any user using one master password

NXC Social Networks

This extension implements full eZ Publish integration with social networks, and provides the following capabilities:- SignIn button, which allows users to login/register via social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google) in one click- eZ Publish template fetch functions to get the social network feeds (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)- Publish to social networks from eZ Publish (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)This projects source code can be downloaded from GitHub:

NXC Powercontent

This extension brings extended functionallity to create/update/remove eZ Publish content.The key features are:- Ability to download files from external resources when creating or updating objects- Ability to specify HTML for ezxmltext attributes- Ability to set/change locations (main and additional)- A debug functionality is built in – it’s convenient to use in the command line scripts- When an object is updated no new version is created

NXC Content Class Diff

This solution provides easy ability to check the difference in content classes between two different ez publish installations

CC PlatformSH

It is ezpublish legacy extension, which makes integration easier. It shouldbe used ONLY on legacy installations (without symfony stack).

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