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eZUpgrade is stand-alone application (not an eZ Publish extension) automatingthe process of upgrading an eZ Publish installation.

NM Checkout

NM Checkout brings a 1-step checkout process to eZ Publish, in addition to backend order editing.

NM jQuery library

A simple extension wrapper extension holding jQuery.


A simple XML parsing class supporting both PHP v. 4 and 5.

NM Validation

A set of input validation rules. Required for some extensions provided by Netmaking.


eZCopy is a small, stand-alone application (not an eZ Publish extension) making it easier tocopy/move entire/parts of an eZ Publish based web site.

NM Content Class

This extension has been replaced by nmcontent.

eZ Class Specification

eZ Class Specification is a standalone application allowing you to easily and quickly create a specification of the content classes used on an eZ Publish web site. When used in conjunction with the nmcontentclass extension for eZ Publish, the specification generated by this application can be imported into an eZ Publish installation, creating new classes and modifying existing ones accordingly.

eZ Paypal

Payment gateway for Paypal

NM Content

This extension allows you to import specifications of content classes and content structures into eZ Publish.

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