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Changelog from Community Project 2011.9 to Community Project 2011.10

Pull requests by the eZ Community (keep-on rocking guys)

  • Merge pull request 126 from thiagocamposviana
  • Merge pull request 134 from jeromegamez
  • Merge pull request 135 from jdespatis
  • Merge pull request 137 from jeromegamez
  • Merge pull request 139 from jdespatis
  • Merge pull request 141 from jdespatis
  • Merge pull request 142 from jdespatis


  • 16471: ezstring default value should not be truncated
  • 17656: Subtree limitation is not properly honored for multi-located contents
  • 18408: ezfile-tmp* files remain when eZFile::rename() fails
  • 18426: #HostUriMatchMapItems[];;examle; given in site.ini as example is wrong
  • 18427: doc issue, file.ini instead of php.ini
  • 18538: Adding an attribute to a content class may result in max allowed memory fatal error
  • 18584: PHP notice in Author datatype
  • 18592: php warning on array_merge when 2nd arg is not an array, when a datatype template contains no n
  • 18612: object relations : no limit + offset
  • 18709: Poll bug, eZ flow default install with content
  • 18711: bug in kernel/user/ezuseroperationcollection.php
  • 18714: admin2 : "Select none" button does the same as "Select All Visible" button
  • 18729: Wrong account activation message
  • 18737: Regression in eZXMLInputParser::parseAttributes with attr='0'
  • 18774: An error is given when publishing when using Asynchronous publishing
  • 18793: Ubuntu 11.10 adds PCNTL function to php.ini "disable_functions"
  • 18825: Length should not be taken into account for integer while checking DB consistency
  • 18841: Database upgrade check tool consider "CHAR" type as a field of 1 char exactly
  • 18849: dfscleanup.php won't remove DFS files
  • 18849: dfscleanup.php won't remove DFS files
  • Fixed: an ezpgenerateautoloads.php warning
  • Fixed: host_uri broken by $uriString typo


  • 16171: admin2: window_controls_user.tpl- adding new tabs in own extension
  • 18381: add description/author in ezinfo/about when using extension.xml, to have same behavior as ezinfo.php
  • Added: An --extension option to bin/shell/
  • Added: Doc about namespace support in extensions
  • Added: Initial support for PHPUnit 3.5 in the ezp test runner
  • Added: Missing CONNECTIONTIMEOUT when Setup wizard uses curl
  • Refactored: eZAutoloadGenerator::buildPHPUnitConfigurationFile() Now it creates a blacklist, not a whitelist It add tests in extensions to the black list
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