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Changelog from Community Project 2011.12 to Community Project 2012.1

Pull requests by the eZ Community (keep-on rocking guys! )

  • Merge pull request 255: from jdespatis/magic-tricky-getter
  • Merge pull request 260: from dpobel/yui_modules
  • Merge pull request 264: from Heliopsis-HQ/master
  • Merge pull request 265: from Tharkun/#018973
  • Merge pull request 271: from jdespatis/event-check
  • Merge pull request 283: from myxt/upstream
  • Merge pull request 286: from crevillo/Enhancement-019703


  • 18434: alphabetical navigator falls back to google navigator if not configured
  • 18973: Missing  parameter in modify method
  • 19057: Version editing conflict after draft has been denied
  • 19069: workflow crash
  • 19095: change german translation
  • Corrected path to template in provided example
  • Fixed: Collapsible content edit left menu breaks the page in Chrome
  • Fixed: wrong use of ezscript_require in object relation(s) edit templates
  • Fixed a display issue in IE8 when uncollapsing the content edit left menu
  • Removed div closing that was breaking the tree
  • the magic getter __get() is never called due to an already existing protected property


  • Native mobile detection mechanism : a695d
  • 19073: show remote id in details tab in administration interface
  • Changed: set the focus to the year input when using the JS calendar
  • Adding a check in ezpEvent constructor, as it may be possible to add an empty listener, when a user wants to delete an override
  • No more use static variable to fix that issue, better to use an internal protected temp variable
  • Changed modal window and ajax uploader component to be 2 YUI3 modules
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